16:13, 18 November 2020

Severstal Announces Corporate Repositioning and Update to The Company's Brand

PAO Severstal, a Metal-Expo regular exhibitor, one of the world’s leading steel and steel-related mining companies, has launched new corporate branding to reflect the significant transformation of the business into a customer-centric innovative solutions provider. The Company’s new positioning presented as part of a large-scale online conference for customers and partners at Metal-Expo’2020. 

The updated brand reflects significant changes which have taken place at Severstal over the past two years: internal processes and approaches have been transformed, with the Company now working more closely with customers on solutions that will support their success. A significant focus of investment has been the expansion of Severstal’s product range and improving product quality, with the Company's total investment in downstream development projects to exceed $600 million in 2018-2020. In addition, Severstal has launched a whole new range of services and customer engagement systems. Severstal’s repositioning towards external audiences has been supported by fundamental changes to the Company's working processes.

The idea of the Severstal brand as a company sounds in a new way. The drive for continuous improvement implied in the first part of the slogan (‘Achieve More’) now implies continuously working to provide solutions to help its customers achieve their goals. ‘Together’ now means working closely with clients and partners.

Severstal has also re-designed its corporate mission, which now reads as follows: "Our mission is to support your success, constantly improving and opening up new opportunities together." All of the Company's strategic priorities are aligned to this mission, with an emphasis on delivering excellent customer experience as the foundation of Severstal’s brand, and the Company is always looking for new opportunities to achieve this. Severstal’s new corporate identity reflects reliability, dynamism, technical progress, optimism, openness, flexibility, and unity. For more information about the updated branding, you can follow this link - https://severstal.com/eng/about/brand/

The new branding was developed in partnership with LANDOR & FITCH, an international agency specializing in brand design and customer experience creation.

Alexander Shevelev, CEO of Severstal, commented:

“Severstal aims to be the company of choice for our customers, partners and personnel. We constantly work to improve our cooperation with clients, offer them unique integrated solutions, are open to creating long-term partnerships, enter new markets with niche offers, study new technologies and materials, and create digital platforms that are in demand on the market. For our customers, cooperation with Severstal means convenience, speed and efficiency, thanks to the use of our whole range of digital services and offers, more typically offered by B2C companies. We are delighted to present our updated brand to our clients, partners, investors and employees. First of all, it is designed to make our strategy, goals and ambitions more visible. This is a powerful signal to our clients, partners, and society as a whole that we are open to cooperation and problem solving. Our focus on innovation and development is aimed at creating value firstly for our customers and end consumers, not just for our own business. We believe Severstal is not just a steel company. Severstal is a company that creates value for customers and partners through innovative solutions, looking beyond steel. Severstal is the leader of the steel industry of the future!"

Oleg Kuzmin, CEO of LANDOR & FITCH Moscow, added:

"The transformation of the Severstal brand is a big step for the brand on the way to realizing its ambition. The new brand platform, architecture and visual identity will give a new impetus to the implementation of Severstal’s business strategy, differentiate the Company in the Russian and international markets, as well as support the launch and promotion of products and services with high added value, which will eventually contribute to the company’s financial performance and success."

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