11:43, 05 February 2021

OMK Belgorod Boiler for Copper Smelter in Urals

United Metallurgical Company OMK’s Belgorod power engineering plant (Belenergomash-BZEM Ltd.), a Metal-Expo regular exhibitor, has supplied boiler equipment for the largest copper smelter in the Urals - Sredneuralsky copper smelting plant. The customer was Shtark Energy Revda LLC of Stark Group of Companies of Moscow.

Superheater boiler with a weight of 52 tons, with a capacity of 25 t / h and the ability to overheat external steam up to 40 t / h, is made on the basis of a steam boiler BEM-25 *. The equipment provides steam superheating up to 350 ° С. In addition to high reliability, compared to boilers of other configurations with the same performance, it is more compact and made in the form of a monoblock. This facilitates the transportation of the equipment and allows the customer to save money during its installation.

Within the framework of the basic model, customers are offered not only a wide selection of specific standard sizes depending on the required steam parameters, combustion of one or two types of fuel, but also the flexibility of equipment layout in the conditions of the installation site, the possibility of open installation, placement of boilers in various climatic and seismic regions. In 2020, the plant began manufacturing the 100th anniversary boiler in this series.

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