13:28, 02 November 2023

Metal-Expo will be Russian-Chinese in 2023

This year the International Industrial Exhibition Metal-Expo, which will be held in Moscow from November 7 to 10, will have a record Chinese representation in its history. More than 350 of its 800 participants will represent China.

This number of Chinese exhibitors testifies, first of all, to the huge interest in the Russian market on the part of Chinese business. On the one hand, Chinese companies are trying to replace their Western competitors, and on the other hand, they are trying to take part in the growth that many branches of the Russian manufacturing industry are currently demonstrating.

A very wide cross-section of Chinese companies will be represented at Metal-Expo. For example, many Chinese manufacturers of equipment for metallurgy and metalworking will be coming to Moscow with their stands.

Among them, in particular, will be Sinosteel and Sinomach corporations, which are among the leading machine-building groups in China, represented at the exhibition by several divisions. Their products cover the full cycle of metallurgical production. Besides them, many other manufacturers of production lines, thermal and electrical equipment, machine tools and components will take part in the exhibition.

Chinese engineering companies, from developers of individual components to large industrial EPC contractors, will have a large representation at Metal-Expo. Among them, for example, will be the China National Research Institute of Heavy Machinery Engineering, founded back in 1956 and considered one of the leading scientific institutions in the metallurgical industry of the PRC. It is part of the Sinomach Group.

But most of all, there will be Chinese suppliers of a wide variety of goods at Metal Expo. Starting from metallurgists, including some divisions of the world's largest Baowu Group, to suppliers of consumables. Suppliers of refractories, stainless steel products, steel pipes and ferroalloys will have the strongest representation. There will be quite a few trading companies that intend to offer Russian customers a wide range of Chinese goods.

At the same time, it should be taken into account that the degree of preparation of Chinese companies for Metal Expo will be very different. Some exhibitors will bring large delegations to Moscow, and their stands will be manned by employees of Russian representative offices who know Russian well. Others will communicate with visitors through interpreters. Still others will have to communicate with visitors only in international English. We can also expect a certain shortage of Russian-language printed materials in the presence of English-language ones.

One way or another, Chinese companies are keenly interested in the Russian market, and contacts with them may bring interesting opportunities.

You can familiarize yourself with the full list of exhibitors on the Metal-Expo website.

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