14:58, 03 May 2024

The structure of metal consumption in the domestic market has undergone a significant shift.

Demid Panshin, First Deputy General Director of UMK-Stal, informed Metallosnabzheniye i Sbyt magazine of this. He stated that UMK-Stal concluded 2023 with satisfactory production results, including those from the Tyumen and Serov metallurgical plants, as well as the Bogoslovsk ore mining division.

"This year, we are planning a more conservative scenario." The cessation of exports to non-CIS countries has resulted in a shift in the domestic market, with some mills experiencing overcapacity and others undercapacity. As a result, there is no consistent demand across all units, for instance, at the Serov Iron and Steel Works, where all three mills are not operating at full capacity. This is due to a change in the structure of consumption in the domestic market. However, a number of promising projects are being implemented this year. We are currently completing the construction of the third blast furnace at the Serov plant, which is scheduled to be launched in February next year. Additionally, this year we signed a significant contract for the delivery of a new press and turning centre. With this equipment, we will be able to undertake deeper processing of metallurgy.

As a result, all the objectives set at the time of the formation of the UMK-Stal structure to reduce the production of reinforcing bars have been met. Currently, we produce structural bars (ranging from 10 to 80 mm) based on over 85 steel grades, and have mastered the production of a wide range of shaped and reinforcing bars. Rebar is typically retained within the home region, with circles and shapes distributed throughout Russia. Machine building is developing and generating strong demand.

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