Safety Measures against COVID-19

Access to the Expocentre Fairgrounds

•  By the Decree of the Mayor of Moscow the admission to the exhibition is possible by QR codes only. Wearing protective face masks is also mandatory. 

•  Please let Expocentre staff measure your body temperature using non-contact measuring devices. In case of higher body temperature and/or cold-related diseases symptoms the exhibitor is not allowed to enter the Fairgrounds.  

•  Preliminary visitor registration on is needed. A QR code needs to be uploaded in the visitor's online office next to the name field.

Since international QR codes are not recognized in Russia, any foreign visitor coming to the exhibition needs to take a Covid-19 PCR test. It is possible to take the PCR test on arrival in any Moscow airport. After taking the negative PCR test you will receive a QR code which needs to be uploaded in the visitor's online office. 

Undergoing PCR testing is required in one of the laboratories in Moscow connected to the Unified Medical Information and Analytical System (UMIAS). The list of institutions can be found on the website of the Moscow City Health Department.

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