Tallina Elektrotehnika Tehas ESTEL AS. Stand 4C10

Kuuli 6, 11415 Tallinn, Estonia
Phone number:
+372 (6) 22-83-21
Website :

The Tallinn Electrical Engineering Factory Estel“JSC was established in 1870 and nowadays it is the one of world’s leaders in field of development, production and sales of wide spectrum power converter devices. The equipment produced by Estel finds application in many different industries, such as metallurgy, mechanical engineering, power, mining, aviation and railway transport. High reliability and good technical and economical characteristics of Estel’s equipment are prooved by its wide geografy of supplies (USA, Germany, Switzerland, Finland, Ireland, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cuba, Egypt, Poland, Russia and CIS)

One of Estel’s main activities is supplying of the induction heating complexes. An experience of many years allows Estel to choose the best partners on market to implement very unique projects. The key-feaures of the company are its ability to provide ISO-certified European quality level and matching the Russia’s industry specificity.

Estel does not only produce induction converters for more than 45 years, but also supplies induction heating and melting plants: multi-purpose induction heaters, forging billet heaters, induction melting furnaces, induction heat treatment equipment.

Main activities of the Tallinn Electrical Engineering Factory Estel:

- Development and production of power converter devices;

- Development and production of power semiconductors;

- Modernisation of existing electrical equipment;

- Advising in proper technology selection;

- Project management;

- Equipment development by the Customer specification;

- Installation, comissioning and service of electrical equipment;

- Electrical equipment expertise.

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