Promat GmbH. Stand 4C53

58, Kantemirovskaya ul., Moscow 115477, Russia
Phone number:
+7 (495) 246-01-94
Website :

More than 65 years of concern Promat produces high quality and environmentally friendly solutions for technical insulation to reduce heat loss and energy efficiency equipment in metallurgy Furnace production and other industries. Produced Promat range covers microporous, silica-calcium, ceramic, bio-soluble and polycrystalline insulating materials. Promat products used at temperature up to 1600 C and the main applications are steel ladles, tundish, EAF, heating furnaces and other thermal equipment. Thermal insulation materials are made in the form of plates, mats, cordboard, paper, modular systems, sealing cords, cloth and shape items according to customer drawings and requirements. The wide range of products the company Promat follows the requirements of optimal design, a detailed calculation and execution.

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