SVARKA. Stand 4E50

9, Kabelny proezd, Cheboksary 428003, Russia
Phone number:
+7 (8352) 30-81-61, 30-82-89, 66-23-72
Website :

NPVF SVARKA was founded April 1, 1986. Firm SVARKA is the scientific and technical center of automatic process of welding and resistance welding technology.

Its main activities are:

- Engineering and production of automatic machines of mesh welding ALIKS for making reinforcing mesh. ALIKS machines are characterized by high productivity (120 welding cycles per minute), simplicity and reliability. Low operating costs and electricity consumption for production of the mesh (85 - 125 kW / h per ton of mesh) determine the rapid return of the equipment. Welding wire varies from 2.5 to 36 mm. Considerable experience has been gained in the implementation of projects for specialized industries and for the mass production of standard welded mesh.

- Production of welded wire mesh of all types and sizes used in building. The company is the largest industrial complex for the production of welded wire mesh with an output of more than 4 000 tons per month. Delivery is made by road and railway transport across Russia. The products are certified.

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