Bogdanovitch Joint Stock Company Ogneupory. Stand 1G26

2, Gagarina ul., Bogdanovich, the Sverdlovsk region 623530, Russia
Phone number:
+7 (34376) 4-78-62, 4-72-26, 4-72-83, 4-72-35
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Bogdanovich Joint Stock Company Ogneupory is one of top-ranked companies of russian refractory industry. The producing authority established in 1938, it keeps it's own raw material resources base of refractory clays, produces aluminosilicate unmolded materials and shaped products with aluminium oxide content from 28% to 98%. refractory product from pure oxide, corundocarbonaceous products, mullite, corundum, spinel, periclase powders.

- General-purpose refractory articles, Refractory and high-refractory products for the lining of rotary furnaces;

- Refractories for bottom pouring, High-duty stopper refractories for steel pouring, alumino-silicate products for linings of steel-teeming ladles;

- Aluminosilicate refractories for lining of cupola furnaces;

- Fire-clay refractory products for blast furnaces;

- High-refractory mullite-corundum and corundum products on phosphate binder;

- Refractory alumino-silicate products for coke-oven furnaces;

- Corundum and high alumina refractory products. Mullite-corundum refractory products;

- Ladleman nozzel and collector nozzle;

- High-density corundum refractories with titanium dioxide addition. High-density corundum protective housings for thermo-couples. Corundum refractory products for thermocouple protection;

- Mullite-silica needled filament;

- Light-weight heat-insulating refractory and high-refractory products;

- Fire-clay aluminosilicate mortars, Mullite-siliceous mortars, Fire-clay mullite mortars;

- High-aluminous siding plastic mixture with mass fraction AL2O3 of not less than 75%. High-aluminous buffer mixture with mass fraction Al2O3 of not less than 75%;

- Concrete heat-insulating mixtures and various concrete;

- Gunite mass;

- Magnesia fluxes.

General director: Yurkov Aleksey Vyacheslavovich

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