Regional Trade-Industrial Company. Stand 1C56

83, Belinskogo ul., Ekaterinburg 620026, Russia
Phone number:
+7 (343) 278-27-87, 278-27-89
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Production of shaped and unshaped refractory materials of various compositions, high temperature refractory insulation materials made from environmentally friendly fiber.

Provision of energy saving technical solutions relating to refractories and thermal insulation for steel, nonferrous metals, power generation, machine building and petrochemical industries.

Basic product line:

1) Products from alumina-silicate and silica fibers:

- Flat products (boards, cardboards of various densities and sizes, including foiled ones);

- Shaped products (liners, rings, protection tubes for thermocouples etc.);

- Fibrous module systems (MKVMP, PrismoBlock);

- Covering and gasketing refractory fiber materials FiberBlanket, МКРВ-200, МКРР-130 (needle-punched blankets of various densities and sizes, thick felt and bulk);

- Fiber foam insulation Isofoam/Foamfrax;

2) Dry concrete mixes (of corundum, spinel and mullite composition);

3) Refractory mastics and adhesives;

4) Low cement pre-cast shapes;

5) Mixes, ramming mixes, gunning mixes (of alumina-silicate, high alumina, magnesite, magnesite & chrome, magnesite & silica composition);

6) Light-weight heat insulators (by the customer’s drawings).

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