Morgan Thermal Ceramics Sukhoy Log. Stand 1G64

2, Militseyskaya ul., Sukhoy Log, the Sverdlovsk region 624800, Russia
Phone number:
+7 (34373) 6-44-45, 4-01-75
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The company specializes in manufacture of high-temperature heat insulating materials and products on their base.

General Director: Anatoly V. Mamaev.

In order to expand markets in Russia and CIS countries a new joint venture to produce high-temperature heat-insulating materials and products was arranged in April 2006 based on Sukhoy Log Refractories Works JSC.

The main produced & delivered products as follows:

- Refractory mullite;

- Silica heat-insulating;

- Fibre materials and products;

- Products produced with ceramic fibre: MKRR-130, MKRV-200, MKRRH-150, MKRVH-250;

- Refractory heat-insulating boards: MKRP-340, MKRGP-500 and MKRGPO-650;

- Refractory flexible and plate-type cardboard MKRKG-400 and MKRKL-450;

- Mullite-silica heat-insulating fibre shapes;

- Ceramic fibre blankets: Cerablanket and Cerachemblanket;

- Modules: Pyro-Log and Pyro-Bloc;

- Heat-insulating module Z-Bloc;

- Heat-insulating paper Superwool and Kaowool;

- Heat-insulating fibre board- Kaowool Board;

- Chopped ceramic fibre RUVOL-M, RUVOL-MH and TIAS.

Tel.: +7 (34373) 6-44-00, 6-43-58

Tel./fax: +7 (34373) 6-42-87, 6-43-66

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