SCHEUERLE Fahrzeugfabrik GmbH. Stand 4F15

Otto-Rettenmaier Strasse 15, 74629 Pfedelbach, Germany
Phone number:
+49 (7941) 6-91-0
Website :

SCHEUERLE is a member of the TII-Group, the worldwide leading manufacturer of heavy transportation equipment. As a recognized specialist in heavy duty transportation, we are qualified partners worldwide for freight forwarders, construction firms, shipyards, iron and steel plants, tunnel & bridge constructors, constructors of large scale plants, ports, container terminals for the offshore as well as the aero and space industries. SCHEUERLE transporters master the special requirements of the offshore and shipyard industry with excellence. Our transporters move giant ships, submarines, or even more completely prefabricated drilling platforms. Flexibility, profitability and precision are great reasons to use SCHEUERLE transport technoloy.

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