Nazarovo-Metallurgservis Ltd.. Stand 4F73

21, district 10, Nazarovo, the Krasnoyarsk region 662200, Russia
Phone number:
+7 (39155) 3-04-75, 5-22-21
Website :

The enterprise of Open Company Nazarovo-Metallurgservis is the manufacturer of technical grit.

The technical grit is used in the following processes:

- Clearing cast preparations;

- Removal (distance) of scale with forging and elements metal designs;

- Preparation of surfaces before drawing of a covering;

- Strengthening shotblasting (shotcasting) preparation;

- It is sharp marble and a granite;

- Clearing boilers of power plants.

The enterprise makes the following kinds of technical grit:

- Grit iron cast;

- Grit iron chipped;

- Grit steel cast;

- Grit steel cast improved;

- Grit steel chipped.

The purpose of the advertising company - attraction of new consumers.

At the enterprise the long-term price police (politics) and individual approach to each client operates.

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