Technocentrpribor . Stand 4E56

23, Avtozavodskaya ul., Moscow 115280, Russia
Phone number:
+7 (495) 749-15-77, 677-24-44
Website :

Manufacturing company Technocentrpribor works on foundry and metallurgical production more that 10 years. Company makes pyrometric probes, systems of temperature’s measurement and systems of quick control alloys’ constitution.

Technocentrpribor offers portable and fixed apparatuses for temperature’s control with types B, S, A1, A3, K. Portable apparatuses has special jib-stick and control module with visual display. Systems are included number’s indicator (number’s high is 250 mm), interface, software is included a program for collect and archivation data.

Company makes thermocouples for measurement temperature with different design and save materials for different steels, alloys and aluminum, too.

Systems of quick control alloys’ constitution are used near melting unit and based on method TEDS or thermographic method.

Technocentrpribor also designs temperature control systems.

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