ALZ LLP . Stand 4C44

ShAP-1, Aktau, the Mangistausk region 130000, Kazahstan
Phone number:
+7 (729) 254-42-35
Website :

• ALZ LLP is registered in the Department of Justice of Mangistau region, Republic of Kazakhstan, No. 5938-1943-LLP dated January 16, 2004. The company has state license МО No. 008 dated October 14, 2005.

• Activity: Collection (procuring), storage, processing and sale of scrap and waste of nonferrous and ferrous metals. Foundry and rolling production. Foundry Shop.

Electric steelmaking shop with production capacity 180,000 tons of steel billets per year

• Date of commissioning: in June 2006. Output products continuous casting square billets. Roll Mill - Production capacity: 400,0 thousand tons of metal roll products per year. Output products – metal roll products:

- Reinforcing bars, class A 500С, 12,14,16, length 11,7 m.

- Angle sections, size from 63 х 63 to 150 х 150 mm, length 11,7 m.

- Channel sections, size from No.12 to No. 20, length 11,7 m.

- Flange beam, size from No.12 to No. 16, length 11,7 m.

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