NEUHOF Foundry- and Conveying Technology GmbH. Stand 2C34

Hommeswiese 66 – 57258 Freudenberg – Germany
Phone number:
+49 (2734) 434-81-0
Website :

Well-known German supplier of the highly efficient equipment for the no-bake process, vibratory conveyors and pneumatic transport. The wide product range includes: sand reclamation plants: mechanical and thermal and thermomechanical, core sand conditioning plants : heating-cooling-classifying, cooler-classifiers batch type, shake-outs, vibratory coolers with fluidized bed, lump reducers, attrition machines, vibratory conveyors, de-coring tables for cylindrical castings, no-bake mixers with 1 and 2 and 3 shafts, automatic moulding lines for flasks and flaskless moulds up to 20 mph, long-lasting parts for the pneumatic transport with ceramic lining, pneumatic transport for sand lumps.

High efficient solutions, concept and detailed engineering for foundries. Turnkey projects supply with concept “everything from one source”.

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