Chepetsky mechanical plant, JSC. Stand 4F26

7, Belova ul., Glazov 427600, Russia
Phone number:
+7 (34141) 3-45-07
Website :

Chepetsky Mechanical Plant – Open Joint Stock Company, which is a member of the Fuel Company TVEL to the State Corporation ROSATOM. Fuel Company TVEL involves assets of nuclear fuel fabrication, separation and sublimation complex, and also enterprises for production of gas centrifuges and equipment for them. The main activity of the Company is development, production, and selling (including export) of nuclear fuel.

The plant was found on the 19th of December, 1946. JSC "ChMP" produces and is ready to offer: zirconium metal, alloys and products on its base, zirconium dioxide and technical ceramics based on zirconium oxide, calcium metal and alloys on its base, niobium and hafnium metals, titanium and stainless steel rolled products, low-temperature superconducting materials, products from natural and depleted uranium. Activities of JSC "ChMP" are based on a number of specialized productions equipped with modern chemical, electrochemical, metallurgical equipment, control, testing devices

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